How does my job make a difference in the world?

I recently attended a seminar about how to be a better supervisor and this question was Silver Trophy Cup Imageposed at the beginning of the seminar, “How does my job make a difference in the world?” Well we sell awards, how does that make a difference in the world?  Does it matter what I do?  YES!!  Yes, it matters.  With awards, people can be motivated and their efforts validated.  There are lots of ways to show appreciation, but an award is a tangible object showing that appreciation.  In my job I get the chance to make people feel happy and that is important.  Even my 2 year old daughter knows being happy is important.  She often tells me she is happy and she likes to know that we are all happy.  Our business makes customers and the people they give the awards & gifts to happy.

I make people feel proud of their choice to recognize someone and proud of the gift they chose with the special engraving on it.  Our business and my awesome employees “provide the finest quality of awards and personalized gifts to our customers, who will be as proud of the award as the winning recipient.”  That is our mission statement and it is true every day.  

I get to be a part of people being made to feel important.  Don’t we all want this at some time?  It could be having a name badge or being recognized for their service.  I remember the first trophy I ever received for my team winning first place in the Carlinville, IL  softball league.  I felt very important that day when I received that trophy as most  do when they receive an award.  I also get to be a part of changing people.  Whether it is motivating someone to do better in their job, or helping be a part of keeping a kid in school, our products & services help do that. 

Of the customers we have touched, the ones who have stood out the most have been the families who are grieving.  Because of the nature of what we can do in our business we do a lot of memorials.  We have had many opportunities to go beyond the customer’s expectations to give them something more, including a listening ear and hug when needed.  In one instance several years ago a customer came in to get a memorial plaque done for their home.  In an awful set of circumstances, this man’s daughter had been murdered by her husband in front of their children.  I think we can’t imagine too much worse.  This man now had custody of his grandchildren but there had been no recent photos of this young mother, except one terrible photo, where she was holding a cigarette in one hand and a phone in the other in a cluttered room. I was so sad for this family for having so little left of her.  But it was all they had and it was up to us to make it right for them.  We could give them some joy after all they had been through.  So we spent quite a bit of time making this picture right with our graphics programs.  When we were finished, they had a beautiful picture of her face with a poem.  They loved it.  They cried.  I was glad to have the skills to help this family in need.  I knew that day my job made a difference.    

How does your job make a difference in the world?

Written by: Tricia Shaw, CRM (Certified Recognition Master)Special Projects Manager, B&B Awards and Recognition